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"Summing up her aesthetic position in three words – daily, observational, messy"

Toronto filmmaker Barbara Sternberg never thought of herself as an artist when she first started to play with her father's 16 mm camera. Everything she produced at the time was for personal enjoyment and record-keeping. She just liked doing it.

Sternberg is now recognized as one of Canada's most distinctive and innovative media artists. What comes through in her work is passion and soul; a sense of wonder and hope; and an invitation to immerse oneself intellectually and emotionally. Summing up her aesthetic position in three words – daily, observational, messy – she has a rare ability to see and show the human condition.

Nomination statement by Gerda Cammaer, professor of film, Ryerson University for the Canadian Filmmakers Distribution Centre

A poem, a physical experience

Barbara clearly articulates what experimental film is and how her films are experiential, in nature.

Forming an idea, creating a film

From conception to production, Barbara gives us insight on her filmmaking process.