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When images speak, David Rimmer listens patiently.

The Vancouver filmmaker lets the medium direct the action, then he sifts through the frames, layering texture, sound and colour. The result: a poem – an impression of a person, place or moment in time; an ode to the qualities of film.

Rimmer is one of the most important experimental filmmakers working in Canada today and is a key figure in the avant-garde film movement. His earliest works were created with found footage that he scratched, looped, coloured, rear-projected and refilmed. Through his impressive career, Rimmer has continued to be driven by a desire to understand images and the people and places they speak of.

Nomination statement by Michael Snow, visual artist and filmmaker

Career beginnings

David discusses his early years in New York City – his education in film.

Pushing the film

David describes his intuitive creative process, in particular the way he created Variations on a Cellophane Wrapper.