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"A curator of the imagination"

Social networking… image sharing… file exchange… B.C. artist Michael Morris embraced these concepts decades before the arrival of the Web. In 1969 he co-founded Image Bank, a work of national significance that brought together artists, ideas and images via the mail. The resulting mail-art exhibitions and publications circulated internationally and put Vancouver on the map as a hub for artists.

Best known for his intelligent and dazzling abstract paintings and prints, this “curator of the imagination” has also produced an impressive body of work in film, photography, video, installation and performance. Occasionally, he has taken on the personas of Marcel Dot, Chairman Dot and Marcel Idea. Consistently, throughout his career, he has played the roles of curator, collaborator, facilitator and mentor.

Nomination statement by David P. Silcox, president, Sotheby's Canada

An archive... work of art

Michael on returning to British Columbia from Berlin and establishing the Morris/Trasov

The Image Bank - Social networking 1970s-style

Michael discusses the Image Bank mail-art project that he co-founded with Vincent Trasov in 1969, and his ongoing commitment to networking and collaboration.