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"Influential writer, publisher and educator … Lewton-Brain revels in, and exuberantly exploits, jewellery's fullest potential." - Lisa Pai, Director, L. A. Pai Gallery (nominator)

Patinas marked by chemical scars, metals grown like coral on copper grids, folds formed organically in sheet metal… An artwork by Charles Lewton-Brain offers you a fascinating journey along the tracks of his process, and reveals the natural beauty that metals take on when pushed to their limits. And just as the artist-goldsmith’s creations lay bare his process, so does his work outside of the studio. Throughout his 40-year career, Lewton-Brain has generously forged pathways for the fine craft community and metal industry – as the inventor of the widely-used “foldforming” technique, as a dedicated instructor and writer on techniques and research, and as an advocate for his field at the national and international level.

Charles Lewton-Brain, Artist-goldsmith

Artist-goldsmith Charles Lewton-Brain describes his approach to jewellery-making and how he finds inspiration in nature.