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"Nemiroff’s modus operandi is an activist agenda… passionate, intelligent choices, whether they are popular or not." - Kitty Scott, Director of Visual Arts, Banff Centre (nominator)

Diana Nemiroff is a key to our understanding of contemporary art. Her voice as a curator and gallery director, at once discreet and forceful, serves as an intermediary between the general public and our contemporary artists. For more than 30 years, her pertinent writing, her immense respect for artists and her insatiable desire to educate and share have given contemporary Canadian art a profile worthy of its artists. Her passion and determination have won acknowledgement and recognition of the artistic excellence of women, Aboriginal peoples and culturally diverse artists. Today, the art world is returning the favour.

Diana Nemiroff, Art gallery director and curator

Diana Nemiroff takes us behind the scenes of exhibitions, explaining the work of the curator and sharing her passion for the arts.