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"Geoffrey James has mapped a vast and nuanced portrait of modern age… He is driven, courageous, prolific and refreshingly relevant." -  Scott Conarroe, photographer (nominator)

The first thing that strikes you when you view a Geoffrey James photograph, whether intimate or panoramic in scale, is its beauty. A closer look – or a perusal of the dozen or so books he has produced – reveals that his images are the product of an engaged mind and eye, showing us the marks, both elegant and raw, that we’ve made on the land. Educated in history at Oxford, he is self-taught as a photographer. He has nonetheless made the art form his own, unflinchingly and masterfully investigating the way we interact with our surroundings, and what those interactions say about us a society. 

Geoffrey James, Photographer

Geoffrey James discusses his recent move to digital photography, photographing in Dundas Square, Toronto, and how he has moved increasingly toward social commentary in his work.