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"Peacock’s work attacks big questions, with no pat answers, with the voice of the poet." - Tanya Mars, performance artist (nominator) 

"I am very conscious that my videos are not like movies,” says Jan Peacock. And her work does not, in fact, take you by the hand. Fragmented sentences, spoken and written words, images and silences transport you to uncertain, though somehow familiar, places. Jan Peacock is a unique storyteller. Her work seizes hold of remembered emotional and physical experiences of intimate moments, of habitual gestures, of everyday activities and remembered places― to engage you in highly poetic narratives. Her sense of language, reverie, memory and landscape reaches each of us through who we are, wherever we are.

Jan Peacock, Visual artist - media and installation

Jan Peacock describes the exhilaration of keeping up with the changing rhythms of video technology and how her videos force the memory to work actively.