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"Ron Martin’s work has continued to flourish … one inventive body of paintings following the next with undiminished creative vigour." -  Roald Nasgaard, professor of art history, Florida State University (nominator)

For over 40 years, Ron Martin has been driven by a deep pining for painting. It’s this pining that has pushed him to rigorously experiment with the materiality of paint and document the results. What happens when 100 colours of a manufacturer’s palette are applied, pure, in one painting? How do our eyes read short precise brushstrokes, or sweeping gestures made with bare hands? How does light play off thick viscous layers of paint? His process is objective… the impact is emotional. Through his work, Ron Martin opens a window that reveals the endless wonder that paint on canvas continues to inspire in us to this day.

Ron Martin, Visual artist

Artist Ron Martin and his gallerist Christopher Cutts discuss Ron's career-long experimentation with the materiality of paint and how he draws viewers into his work.