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"His unique contribution has been recognized by some of the most important curators and architects and represented in collections worldwide." - Helen Ewart, visual artist (nominator) 

Ever since Copernicus discovered that Earth is not the centre of the universe, we, as humans, have had to confront our insignificance. The more we learn about our physical world, the greater the tension in our secular society between values and facts, passion and reason. Throughout his highly successful career, Royden Rabinowitch has explored this tension in his sculpture, drawing inspiration from figures in popular and academic culture, such as Wayne Gretzky, Laurel and Hardy, Thelonius Monk, Nicolaus Copernicus, Johannes Kepler and Isaac Newton. His work absolutely accepts secularism and absolutely rejects Utopian scientism and Arcadian sentimentalism. It challenges us to acknowledge that values are not facts and thus to recognize that we must balance values against facts.


Royden Rabinowitch, Sculptor

Sculptor Royden Rabinowitch speaks about the artist's role as an independent thinker in society, and the main focus of his own work -- to manage the tension in our secular society between values and facts.