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“Since the early 1970s, Chantal Pontbriand’s impact on the arts scene in Canada has been unparalleled in its uncompromising commitment to innovative practices in the visual arts…” – Diana Nemiroff, Curator (nominator)

Chantal Pontbriand truly does seem to be everywhere at once. The extent of her publications, lectures, seminars, and organization of festivals, contemporary art events and exhibitions, is astounding in terms of sheer numbers and scope. . A remarkable art critic and events curator, she has broken new ground in critical discourse, opened the way for new practices and contributed to the advancement of research in the art world. Her expertise is acknowledged internationally in the visual arts, museology and dance.

She shares her incisive criticism and analysis around the world, and with projects in North and South America, Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia, she will continue to influence and inform the art world for years to come.


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