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"She is one of the most important artists of her generation, a generation associated with issues of the body and identity." – Marnie Fleming, Curator (nominator)

For almost 40 years, Colette Whiten has quietly and powerfully challenged gender dynamics, political power and mass media imagery. Her works – whether they are large cast wooden sculptures, tiny needlepoints or beaded curtains work – reveal the vulnerability and strength of the human body and spirit.

Her impact on Canadian visual arts has been profound. She was the only artist on a task force that redefined the role of the Art Gallery of Ontario (1992) and was one of three Canadians to participate in the first-ever international retrospective of feminist art achievement (2007). In her 38-year career as a professor at the Ontario College of Art and Design University she won numerous teaching awards and has influenced hundreds of young artists.


Directed by Pixie Cram (Ottawa)
Presentation of the Canada Council for the Arts and the Independent Media Arts Alliance
Co-production of the Canada Council for the Arts, SAW Video and the Independent Filmmakers Co-operative of Ottawa (IFCO)