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Of Gordon’s piano performances [John] Cage once commented “At the piano, Gordon Monahan produces sounds we haven’t heard before.” – Robert Tombs, Graphic designer (nominator)

In Gordon Monahan’s hands, everyday objects become instruments, conventional instruments create surprising new sounds, and elements in nature take on the role of the musician. Over his 34-year career, this music and sound art innovator has used his science, music and contemporary art background to create installations and performances that redefine sounds in ways we may never have never heard before – long piano wires resonated using unconventional techniques, speakers reconstructed to become instruments, and the piano redefined as a mechanical machine that can emulate synthetic sound to name a few.

Each summer, hundreds of experimental musicians, sound artists and like-minded enthusiasts arrive at his farm in Meaford, Ontario to take part in the renowned Electric Eclectics sound art festival.


Directed by Jenn E Norton (Guelph)
Presentation of the Canada Council for the Arts and the Independent Media Arts Alliance
Co-production of the Canada Council for the Arts and the Ed Video Media Arts Centre