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"Marcel Barbeau… succeeded in transforming a troubled personal experience into a message of universal import, placing him in the top rank of contemporary, avant-garde painters." – Ray Ellenwood, Writer and Professor Emeritus (nominator)

Marcel Barbeau personifies the Refus global in his refusal to be categorized and classified. In order to understand where his work is coming from, we must – like the artist himself, who has travelled and created on several continents – be everywhere and nowhere at once, at the juncture where the refusal to conform allows for absolute freedom of creative expression. Barbeau’s paintings and sculptures, along with the music and dance that have accompanied them, are all dictated by the constant of change. They are attuned to the evolution of the culture and society. Highly experimental in its expression, the work of this great artist is a powerful testimony to the necessity and the sheer pleasure of creation. The art of Marcel Barbeau is that of a man in perpetual motion.


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