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“Beyond his own critically acclaimed, award-winning body of work, his impact on the filmmaking community in Atlantic Canada is monumental…” – Tom Sherman, Video artist (nominator)

William MacGillivray is fiercely independent. His nonconformity finds expression in his eclectic approach to filmmaking, his extraordinarily intelligent writing and the intuitive and sensitive way he directs his actors. Deceptively simple in its complexity, MacGillivray’s work explores themes of identity in personal, cultural and national terms. His universe defines and enriches the filmmaking of Atlantic Canada.

His feature films, series and documentaries have been described as feminist, minimalist, and much more. But while his work is open to multiple interpretations, critics are unanimous in considering him one of Canada’s most important filmmakers. The nature of his brilliant cinema – at once unique, ‘Atlantic’ and Canadian – illustrates with eloquence how a rich and distinct culture is developed.

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Directed by Eva Madden (Halifax)
Presentation of the Canada Council for the Arts and the Independent Media Arts Alliance
Co-production of the Canada Council for the Arts and the Atlantic Filmmakers Cooperative