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His sculptures “tickle the brain,” yet strike at the heart of our globalized culture 
— Marnie Fleming (nominator), Oakville Galleries

Playful and carnivalesque, Kim Adams’ works invite viewers to discover fantastical new worlds and wry social commentary.

One of Canada’s leading sculptors, Adams creates imaginative tableaux and hybrid sculptural forms using industrial, mass-produced materials – car relics, hardware store goods and toy figures – to reorganize and reinvent material culture.   Viewers can focus on the miniature narratives that play out in some of his densely constructed worlds while considering his works’ subtle statements on street culture, mobility, community, vernacular housing, and mass consumerism.


Kim Adams – Sculptor, 2014
Digital video, S-8 mm film, 3 min. 42 sec.

Directed by Ross Turnbull
Presentation of the Canada Council for the Arts and the Independent Media Arts Alliance