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“The work of Raymond Gervais is a vast exploration of the act of listening. […] The artist has studied, explored, filmed, photographed, installed, exhibited, suggested, and dreamt of one thing: sound. 
— Marie-Josée Jean (nominator), VOX, centre de l’image contemporaine (text by Nicole Gingras)

An explorer gifted with remarkable creativity, Raymond Gervais sculpts the acoustic space inhabited by the gaze, the mind and silence. More than 40 years ago, equipped with all the tools of his unique universe — photographs, records, scores, texts — he discovered, within the visual arts, a world that he could call his own. Since then, through performances, installations and essays, he has refined with rigour and originality a body of work where sound unbridles the imagination. A musician of the gaze, creator of the concept of aural imagination, Raymond Gervais has succeeded in developing a typology of the act of listening.


Le regard et l'écoute : Raymond Gervais, 2014
Digital video, 3 min. 46 sec.

Directed by Émilie Baillargeon
Presentation of the Canada Council for the Arts and the Independent Media Arts Alliance
Co-production of the Canada Council for the Arts and Spira Film