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Louise Déry curator

Louise Déry has developed, with conviction, a living approach to art. She places herself at the point where art and history are being made, rather of seeking refuge in an already written history. She has a prodigious aptitude for creating uncommon links among approaches, disciplines and generations. She has renewed the Canadian curatorial practice by exploring and defining the notion of the exhibition as a worksite – on that highlights the artists’ experimental work in the context of events outside of "museum" orthodoxy. 

(She) has successfully developed a robust network of contacts that allow her to promote Canadian on an international stage that is increasingly dynamic, demanding and competitive. She is at once a woman of ideas, words and action.

– Louise Poissant, Dean, Faculty of Arts, Université du Québec à Montréal (nominator)


Portrait de Louise Déry, 2015
Film by Isabelle Hayeur
Co-production : Canada Council for the Arts and Prim
HD video, 3 min 53 s

Past Awards 2000-2015