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Micah Lexier visual artist

Micah Lexier’s intellectual rigour, conceptual ability, generosity, compassion, limitless energy and work ethic are unparalleled and widely recognized. [He] is an indefatigable instigator, and his infectious enthusiasm has served as a catalyst for countless significant events in recent Canadian art history….

The vast scope of his work exemplifies his boundless creativity. He has produced work across every medium, including large-scale installations, dance performances, sculptures, paintings, drawings, photographic series, tattoos, bus shelters, magazine projects, web-based projects, and an immense number of artists’ books and multiples that have entered the Canadian canon as classics. Lexier’s work is wholly integrated with his life. Every meal is a meeting, every walk is a scavenger hunt for materials, every conversation a brainstorming session. He is a social convener, a booster, a galvanizing force in his community and a prolific maker of things.

– Jan Peacock, (nominator) visual artist-media and 2012 winner


‘M’ is for Micah, 2015
Film by Min Sook Lee
Co-production : Canada Council for the Arts, Tiger Spirit Productions and LIFT
16 mm film, 3 min 34 s

Past Awards 2000-2015