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Reva Stone new media artist

Reva Stone is a mindful and visionary artist who has been bringing her unique perspective to the field of new media for over two decades. She examines the complex relationships between humans and their technical inventions and what it means to be human in these times of rapid change. … Her challenging large-scale multi-media installations are beautiful, menacing, technologically complex and intellectually rigorous.

One of the first women in Canada to become involved in new media arts, Reva Stone has produced an extensive body of ambitious large-scale projects. She has influenced the directions of artists she has mentored and expanded the understanding of media arts in the communities she has worked in.

– Yvette Cenerini (nominator), Board Member for Mentoring Artists for Women’s Art


Reva Stone, 2015
Film by Danielle Sturk 
Co-production: Canada Council for the Arts and Winnipeg Film Group
HD video, 4 min

Past Awards 2000-2015