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Rober Racine visual artist, writer and composer

How can a single artist produce such varied work: a rewriting of all of Flaubert’s work, a performance of the most demanding work in the history of music, gilding the French language dictionary, cartographic musings on the moon and stars, and drawings of hundreds of vultures? For Rober Racine, an artwork is a meditation on the world and a gift of one’s self. All of his works have been both these things at once and absolutely.

Musician, writer, visual artist and performer, Rober Racine shows originality of thought and action and a level of formal rigour through all of his work that makes it among the most remarkable ever produced in Canada.

– Stéphane Aquin, curator, Montreal Museum of Fine Arts



Rober Racine, 2015
Film by Geneva Guerin
Digital Video, 4 min 25 s

Past Awards 2000-2015