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Jane Kidd textile artist (Saidye Bronfman Award)

Through the act of weaving, Jane Kidd, engages in a sensual process and employs a physical language to establish links with the viewer. Kidd appreciates that she is a participant in the continuum of its makers, the counterpoint it provides to modern life, and the hands-on materiality it embodies. She creates contemporary objects that convey a deep engagement with the natural world and draw our attention to our constantly renegotiated relationship with it.

According to Jennifer Salahub, a historian at the Alberta College of Art and Design, “Kidd emphatically demonstrates that issues central to much visual art practice today – including gender, identity, post-colonialism, economic justice and ethics – are relevant to contemporary tapestry, and by extension to all fine craft.”

– Barbara Heller, Board Member and Awards Chair, Craft Council of British Columbia


Jane Kidd, textile artist
A film by Black Rhino Creative

Past Awards 2000-2015