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Mark Lewis video artist

Mark Lewis is among the most prominent artists of his generation, particularly amongst those who work in photography and moving images.  Throughout his career, he has gained wide-ranging success and internationally acclaim for his short, silent films.

In 2009, Lewis had the distinction of representing Canada at the Venice Biennale, creating a provocative body of work that highlighted our country on an international stage. In 2014, Lewis was asked by The Louvre (Paris) to produce new films that would consider, in some way, the museum’s history, physicality and historical collection. His mining of the museum's art collection, its architectural passageways and its audience, formed the basis for a new series of films that were presented in the context of a solo exhibition at the museum that same year. Lewis continues to show internationally, recently exhibiting in Sao Paulo, Porto, Seoul, and London.

– Daniel Faria, Director, Daniel Faria Gallery


Mark Lewis, media artist
A film by Ross Turnbull

Past Awards 2000-2015