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Marnie Fleming curator (Outstanding Contribution Award)

A complex, dynamic and ever-evolving sense of place has been the organizing principle – if not the driving force – behind Marnie Fleming’s impressively diverse and ambitious practice as a curator.

Over the course of her nearly 24 years at Oakville Galleries, (she) made pioneering use of site-related, context-aware and participatory platforms to establish deep connections between the work of contemporary artists and Oakville as a place: every project she commissioned was driven by a question about its history, its structure, its community.

Most importantly all of this was done with an unshakable commitment to artistic excellence – to reimagining the role a small museum could play not only in its local community, but in actively supporting the careers of a new generation of artists.

– Matthew Hyland, Director, Oakville Galleries & Michael Longford, Director, Sensorium: Centre for Digital Arts and Technology and Associate Professor, Digital Media, School of the Arts, Media, Performance and Design, York University


Marnie Fleming, curator
A film by Daniel McIntyre

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